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Medical Myths, Legends & Fairytales

Dec 8, 2022

Did you know your nutritional needs change as the seasons change? They do. If you learn to adjust your diet and lifestyle each season, your hormones will stay in balance so that you can have healthier skin and more energy. 


In this interview, you’ll learn about seasonal adaptation and more ways to feel your best and look your best. Dr. Trevor Cates, the spa doctor,  is an expert on natural beauty care. In the new podcast episode, we talked with her about seasonal and circadian cycles and also did an update on personal care products. 


If you struggle to make your care products work, tune in to this episode. Dr. Trevor Cates will help us understand the importance of how our hormones change, what ingredients in our skincare are to be avoided, and other things we don't realize that are also impacting our health.


Key Takeaways:


(1:28) Introducing Dr. Trevor Cates

(2:05) The reason behind Dr. Cates' decision to talk about season variation

(2:48) How seasons affect our hormones and moods

(3:38) How sunlight impacts behavior and hormones

(7:15) Gut health discussion

(9:27) What's overzealous hygiene?

(10:45) Things to avoid disrupting microbiomes in personal care products

(11:51) Diethyl phthalate in fragrance

(13:30) Organic essential oils as an alternative mood booster

(14:08) The presence of Parabens in your skincare cosmetics

(16:08) Being aware of the ingredients of your cosmetics

(16:48) Regulation on organic ingredients

(17:57) What's inside Dr. Cates' book

(19:44) Growing up in a wheat-free home

(21:18) Misconception about superfoods

(22:01) More DIY recipes you can find in the book

(22:41) Wisdom of sustainable food

(24:28) Understanding your circadian rhythm

(25:58) What Dr. Christianson thinks about the book (Natural Beauty Reset)

(26:25) Where to grab a copy of Dr. Cates' book


Dr. Trevor Cates is the author of the USA Today bestselling book 'Clean Skin From Within' and founder of The Spa Dr. natural skincare line. She's the first woman licensed as a naturopathic doctor in California and was the doctor in several world-renowned spas in Park City, Utah. She continues to help women worldwide with a focus on skin and hormones. She has been featured on various TV shows, including The Doctors and Extra TV. Dr. Cates also hosts the Hormones, Health & Harmony Docuseries, The Woman's Doctor Podcast, the PBS show, and Younger Skin From Within.

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Where to buy the book:


“Just because a product says it’s Natural, doesn’t mean that it is. The words Natural and Hypoallergenic have zero regulations […] Anyone can call their products Natural.”

– Trevor Cates

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